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Embody your life & business as the Sacred Space that it truly is; a channel for manifestation & alchemizing a life of j​oy, ​connection, massive impact, personal fulfillment & WILD ​financial prosperity.”


Dez Davis, The Rich Witch

the frequency of wealth is a sacred ally

as an impact-driven, heart-centered entrepreneur, money is an indispensable spiritual asset

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your goals are a facet of spiritual technology

I know what is keeping you from your deepest desires

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Hi, I’m Dez Davis, but friends call me The Rich Witch. As a transformational wealth mentor, I've crafted the courses in this portal to help YOU live your richiest, witchiest life.


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The courses in this portal will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. You won't be able to stay small, and it won't always be easy. I will call on your Highest Self to embody wealth and to massively impact the world with your unique gifts, visions and desires.

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Say Goodbye to Self-Sabotage

All of the Tools YOU Need To Build a Wildly  Successful Life & Business are Within Your Reach

self sabotage is the #1 reason that you fail to realize your greatest dreams and deepest desires

 INTRODUCING: From Secret Self-Sabotage to 6 & 7 Figure Success, a Group Mentorship with Dez Davis

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motivational and powerful presence-forward, consciousness-shifting guest lectures and appearances.

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in-depth, step-by-step trainings to amplify the abundance of decolonized wealth paradigms

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transformational wealth coaching for heart-centered entrepreneurs & impact-driven community leaders

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3 Keys to Unlock Dynamic Wealth Manifestation


"When you decide to be Healthy, Wealthy, & Emotionally Free, that is a political act of resistance against social constructs that have become cultural norms.”


Dez Davis, The Rich Witch

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